About Us

Gilbert and Sharon Wolfe launched the Honey Bunny product line in 2006. First we started with the idea of retailing our Honey and Honey sweetened condiments. Next, after much deliberation, we identified the stand up pouch with corner pour spout as our container of choice. We chose this format since it is easy to use and offers an easily controlled non-drip pour where the user can actually squeeze all of the product out! No more mess of dipping sticky knives or spoons into your peanut butter jar!

We are situated in Northern Alberta where logistics is a significant concern. With the lightness and compactability of the empty pouches, the carbon footprint is drastically reduced. FACT: 1 truck load of empty pouches is equivalent to 25 truckloads of jars! Honey Bunny pouches are shatter free, fit easily in the door of your fridge, as well as in your backpack for your next hiking trip. No more juggling to the backyard grill – the pouch is easy to carry and is a # 7 recyclable product