Zambezi Honey



Wild forest bees craft a rare honey using nectar from flowering trees. Complex, lingering, rich yet subtle… 100% Organic, Fair Trade, Raw Forest Honey from Zambia!

Zambia is the largest producer of honey in Africa, producing over 300 tons of honey each year. We are the only North American importer of Zambian Honey. Zambia has the highest density of wild bee colonies in the world.

Zambezi is called a Forest Honey because the bees forge on the forest trees while they are flowering.

Hidden in a lush forest at the source of the mighty Zambezi River lives a special honeybee that feeds only on flowering trees. Gathered using sustainable methods, our traditional beekeepers help to preserve the forest as well as the bees.

Zambezi Honey comes from Zambia (Africa) and it is bought under Fair Trade under a collective.